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10th Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase 2023 

8 - 10/12/2023

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The Department of Modern and Contemporary Culture of the Deputy Ministry of Culture and Rialto Theatre, organize the 10th Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase 2023 on 8 - 10 December at Rialto Theatre in Limassol.


The main mission of the event is to offer a platform of artistic expression to musicians and bands who are active in the broader field of improvisational music by presenting, in two days, a comprehensive and dynamic picture of contemporary Cypriot musical creation to Cypriots as well as to professionals from abroad. At the same time, emphasis will be drawn on developing networks as well as educational actions.


International festival organisers and professionals from the international music industry will also be invited to this event to meet and acquaint themselves with the Cypriot music scene. The event primarily aims at the future involvement of Cypriot artists in international festivals and overseas organisations, thus creating a platform for exchanging artists' experience and practice on an international level.  As with last year, discussions with music industry experts will be organised, which shall focus on keeping the Cypriot musicians updated on the structures and operational mechanisms of the international music industry.


To this purpose, all interested bands are invited to send their APPLICATION FORM as well as the Terms of Participation by Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

Applications will be evaluated by a committee established by the Organisers and the selected bands will be invited to a meeting where the stages to follow will be discussed. 



The Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase, which takes place at the Rialto Theatre, presents a comprehensive image of the local contemporary music creation. It is an institutional event of the Deputy Ministry of Culture, organised by the Department of Modern and Contemporary Culture and the Rialto Theatre. The primary objective of the Showcase is to present, encourage and introduce to the audience of Cyprus and to international film professionals the work of local and non-local composers and musicians who deal with improvisational music.


In order to secure this objective, prominent personalities from the international music scene such as international festival organisers, producers and representatives with whom the Cyprus Music Information Centre and the Rialto Theatre collaborate, are invited to attend the Showcase every year.


Workshops and discussions with international guests enhance the artists’ information and education, as well as that of local institutions dealing with the island’s cultural development in terms of more innovative music production methods and music promotion on an international level.


Another important objective of the Showcase is to ensure music networking both in Cyprus and abroad. Within this context, the event provides an additional incentive to Cypriot artists, since it offers to all participants the opportunity to establish collaborations between them, as well as to create synergies with artists from other countries.



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