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1st Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase 2014

26th and 27th September 2014


The Cyprus Music Information Centre and the Rialto Theatre organize a new important cultural event, a platform for contemporary music creation, on 26th and 27th September 2014. Two days with exciting original music by the creators of jazz & world music of Cyprus.

To this 1st Festival the Cypriot musicians will have the opportunity to present original works to guests from abroad and the public, developing collaborations between them will increase and offer opportunities for international exposure and promotion. The bands shall present authentic and original compositions in a united program. The entire program shall be recorded audiovisual aimed at creating an archive, which will be an additional promotional tool for Cypriot musicians abroad.

Foreign festival organizers, producers, reporters etc, shall be invited to attend this festival, aiming to the exposure and engagement of the Cypriot artists to important international festivals and foreign organizations, creating thus a fertile process of exchanging experiences and practices of the artists to an international level. Among the personalities expected to attend the festival include directors of major festivals of the European Forum of World Music Festival EFWMF, to which Rialto Theatre is a member, as well as representatives of organizations with whom the Cyprus Music Information Centre cooperates.

In the first edition were invited to take part 9 bands with 40 musicians, including: including Andreas Rodosthenous Quartet, Irenaeos Koullouras Trio, Michalis Messios -Symmetry Quartet, The Amalgamation Project, Tri-Cool-Ore, Bass Out, Sur Quintet, Takoushis - Karapatakis project with Zacharias Spyridakis, Cafe Balkan.

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