Sol Aurorae

Sol Aurorae copy.png

Sol Aurorae: The first light, awakening, creation, inspiration, rebirth, aura, colour combinations, hope, truth, simplicity, serenity... love.

The sun of dawn for us is a continuous reminder of life and exploration, connection and communication with our archetypal human senses.

Having the music of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Cypriot dialect as main inspiration, the music ensemble presents the compositions of Vassilis Philippou from his debut solo album “Sol Aurorae”. The band was created in the summer of 2019 to record the album. Upon its release, in the beginning of 2020, they plan to share their music around Cyprus but also in Europe. 
The ensemble will present compositions that have emerged from a harmonious combination of traditional and contemporary music, prompted by a poem in the Cypriot dialect or the music of composer Vassilis Philippou. In the 6th Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase, these pieces will be presented for the first time with a strong element of improvisation. The Cypriot dialect has a very important role in their music, since it doesn’t only give meaning to the sound, but also directly affects its expression. All compositions have contemporary modal music as a common axis and also the Cypriot identity, consisting of and expressed by its wealth of words and sounds. 

Vassilis Philippou: voice, percussion 
Michalis Kouloumis: violin, viola 
Giannis Koutis: oud, guitar
Νικόλας Τρύφωνος: κοντραμπάσο / Nikolas Tryfonos: double bass