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Day 1 - 09/12/2022 - 19:30

Aris Guitar Trio

IMG_7657 - Aris Constantinou.jpg

Aris Guitar Trio will perform original pieces composed by lead guitarist Aris Constantinou. These original compositions are based on the style of bebop music and songwriting from the ‘30s and ‘40s in the USA. The arrangements imitate the sounds of the West Coast as they draw inspiration from the recordings of Poll Winners Trio by Contemporary Records Los Angeles, also infused with ideas from all band members.

Guitarist Aris Constantinou with the help of his musician friends Ioannis Karseras and Adonis Christou, presents for the first time his authentic compositions and arrangements. Aris Guitar Trio uses the creative material provided by the composer to interpret and improvise through the pieces, always faithful to the rhythm of swing and the unique character of each piece

Aris Constantinou: electric guitar

Adonis David Christou: drums

Ioannis Karseras: double bass



The band will perform original compositions in the style of modern jazz, with strong influences by the music of John Coltrane, Kenny Garrett and Ben Wendel. Their new yet unpublished work will be presented at this year’s Showcase, in the highly energetic and exploratory half-hour set they have prepared. Quintedo will perform original compositions by Marios Charalambous, Kyriacos Kesta and Ermis Michail.

Quintedo is a jazz quintet formed in the summer of 2022, consisting of band members Marios Charalambous (tenor saxophone, band leader), Ermis Michail (electric guitar), Andreas Panteli (piano), Kyriakos Kesta (double bass) and Omiros Miltiadous (drums). The band exclusively plays original compositions influenced by a wide spectrum of the modern jazz idiom. Quintedo made its debut at Rhodes International Jazz Festival. It also recently performed at Fengaros Music Village.

Marios Charalampous: saxophone

Andreas Panteli: piano

Ermis Michail: guitar

Kyriacos Kesta: double bass

Οmiros Miltiadous: drums


Funkystraat - Andreas Rodosthenous.jpeg

After the “3 years of Covid19” the group meets again to present tunes that have never been played live, as well as new compositions that were composed during the past 3 years. Together, the four musicians meet again on Funkystraat, the imaginary Dutch road where they get together to create, play music and improvise.

Funkystraat is a jazz-funk group consisting of guitarist Ermis Michail, pianist Andreas Panteli, basist Andreas Rodosthenous and drummer Stelios Xydias. The band members are all alumni of Codarts, the Rotterdam’s conservatory in the Netherlands. After completing their studies in the Netherlands and eventually coming back to Cyprus, they decided to form Funkystraat, the imaginary Dutch road where the four musicians meet, create and play music. The group was formed in 2012, and has performed in various festivals and venues across the island. On Rialto’s stage, Funkystraat will present a repertoire of new original compositions, exploring new online recording techniques, drawing inspiration from the recent Covid-19 era.

Ermis Michail: guitar

Antreas Panteli: keys

Andreas Rodosthenous: bass

Stelios Xydias: drums

Cahit Kutrafali 4tet ft. Ezgi Akgurgen


The band will perform new compositions by Cahit Kutrafali, bass player, composer and arranger, which he mainly composed during the first Covid-19 lockdown. This repertoire is mainly characterised by a strong melody combined with a rich harmony in which the groove becomes the backbone of the music. On Rialto’s stage, the Quartet will be joined by vocalist Ezgi Akgurgen.

Cahit Kutrafali Quartet consists of Andreas Panteli (piano), Ermis Michail (guitar), Stelios Xydias (drums), and Cahit Kutrafali (bass) himself. The band members have not only recorded Kutrafali’s debut album As It Is (2015) and his sophomore album Transitions (2018), they have also performed in various venues and festivals together for many years. The band’s musical style combines modern jazz elements with a traditional approach.

Cahit Kutrafali: bass

Ermis Michail: guitar

Andreas Panteli: piano

Stelios Xydias: drums

Ezgi Akgurgen: vocals

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