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Fuzz Bus

7.FUZZ BUS GROUP PHOTO - Ermis Michail.j

Fuzz Bus is a quartet that has been active on stage for several years. Their music can be described by the general term jazz rock, while it is characterized by strong elements of jazz and improvisation, funk and soul and psychedelic folk. The group, having been tested in countless live shows from festivals to music scenes and bars in recent years, has developed a very special way of communication on stage and a unique way of expressing itself as a musical entity.  


They will present a set of original material on which they have been working the past year, that draws on all their influences, as well as the music they have adapted in their own way over the years as a group. Influenced by the progressive jazz of John McLauglin's Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jimi Hendrix's psychedelic blues, Terry Callier's progressive folk and Sly Stone's funk, among others, they will present an irresistible set of original pieces with intense energy that engages the audience, inviting them to share this exciting journey with Fuzz Bus.


Lefteris Moumtzis: Bass / Voice  

Ermis Michail: Guitar 

Andreas Panteli: Piano / Keys  

Stelios Xydias: Drums  

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