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Odysseas Toumazou Trio is a project created by Cyprus-based guitarist and composer Odysseas Toumazou. He recently completed the recording of his first studio length album titled Ensticto. His work has been described as “truly authentic with a strong, personal sound within the guitar-trio genre.” His influences are wide including jazz, classical and traditional music that create a unique sound for a variety of audiences. Improvisation is a key element of Odysseas' music, contributing to an immersive experience between the audience and the band during performances, which can be described as accessible and experimental.


The trio will present compositions from their recent album Ensticto, as well as new music from their upcoming album, scheduled to be recorded in 2021. 


Α few words about the album: 


Ensticto is the Greek word for instinct, an innate ability to respond to the given moment. It is an inner voice that serves as a guide to what comes natural and what belongs to each of us individually. To be musically instinctive is to truly listen to what is going on around you and to adapt to each situation respectively. Although these compositions are written, they are never played the same twice, which is the essence of acting upon instinct: to be able to express yourself musically each time according to what you are feeling that moment. These compositions represent the process of finding what belongs to me, of following my instinct.


Odysseas Toumazou: Guitar 

George Koulas: Drums  

Andreas Rodosthenous: Electric Bass 

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