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Day 1 - 26/11/2021 - 19:30

day 1

The French Experience


The French Εxperience will perform music from their latest album Treat Beats. The French Experience is a synthesizer and drums duet whose music is mainly improvised on the spot, having a strong influence from cinematic music to ambient, jazz and hip-hop. 


Marios Takoushis: Synthesizer 

Stelios Xydias: Drums 

Social Plexus  

Social Plexus.jpg

Social Plexus is the new project of guitarist and composer George Bizios that focuses on the duality that occurs from the main parameters that his music consists of, such as individuality compared to collectiveness and the relation of freedom and responsibility within a contemporary music ensemble. 

Their music is based on original compositions that use both conventional and unconventional methods of notation. This includes scores that can be based on visual symbols, shapes or words aiming to create an environment that exposes the performers to the diversity of improvisation and triggers their imagination beyond the traditional parameters of music making.  


George Bizios: Electric guitar / Compositions, Elias Ioannou: Trumpet, Omiros Miltiadous: Drums  

Ermis Michail – Electric World

2 - Ermis Michail.png

Combining traditional melodies from the heritage of Cyprus and the neighbouring areas with elements of western harmony and modern textures of our time, the music of Ermis Michail brings out a fresh and unique approach on some of the most familiar Mediterranean themes. Electric World brings together some of the most active musicians of the island with different musical backgrounds, each one bringing a unique voice into the project. Through original arrangements, each musician has the freedom, through improvisation and interaction, to add their own viewpoint of the music performed, thus making each concert an unrepeatable experience, while also respecting the tradition with a forward-looking view. 


Electric World features 7 musicians from Cyprus presenting new material by Ermis Michail. This electro-acoustic ensemble, which includes vocals, two saxophones, trumpet, electric guitar, electric bass and drums, delivers a programme of original compositions, as well as arrangements of folk music from Cyprus, Greece and other neighbouring countries. Having their background in jazz, they experiment with different sonic flavours, blending the elements of modern western music and world music. The group approaches the pieces as a platform of improvisation combining effect units with acoustic and electric instruments, creating an ambient but energetic vibe with biting hooks and powerful atmospherics. 


Ermis Michail: Electric Guitar / Compositions 

Vasiliki Anastasiou: Vocals 

Charis Ioannou: Saxophone 

Marios Charalambous: Saxophone 

Elias Ioannou: Trumpet  

Andreas Rodosthenous: Electric Bass 

Omiros Miltiadous: Drums 


3_ - George Morfitis.jpg

Consisting of 4 brass instrumentalists (conga player, drummer, pianist and electric bass player) Macumba will present an explosive repertoire of their latest original compositions inspired by Latin, jazz and world music. Their style is mostly a fusion of traditional Cuban, Brazilian and Spanish music under the modern Jazz umbrella based on the cultural background of each band member. Approaching the Latin music genre in a diversified way, their music is also a fusion of Brazilian funk, samba, rhumba, guaguancó and afro-cuban music. The band stands out for its intense stage presence and the direct and vibrant way in which they communicate with the audience. Specifically, in addition to the live concerts they deliver, which are full of rhythm, freshness and improvisation, Macumba aims at involving the audience in the music during their performance. “Listeners are not only spectators: they take part in the performance, acquiring a central role in the whole music experience”. 

Rodos Panayiotou: Drums / Percussions 

Rodrigo Caceres: Electric Bass 

Giorgos Morfitis: Keys 

Elias Ioannou: Trumpet 

Giorgos Koulas: Percussions 

Antreas Theocharous: Trombone 

Giannis Koudounas: Trumpet 

Christos Zenios: Saxophone 

Macumba was formed in March 2017 in Limassol, Cyprus. Its members are trumpeter Elias Ioannou, pianist Morfitis Giorgos, drummer Rodosthenis Panayiotou and bass player Rodrigo Caceres. The band has also recruited four well-reputed artists of the Cypriot music scene, who participate in this project: Giorgos Koulas, Antreas Theocharous, Giannis Koudounas and Christos Zenios.  Macumba has performed at festivals in Europe and Cyprus such as: UNESCO’s Gardens of Sound Music Festival in Poland, ATJF Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, Windcraft Festival in Cyprus, Aglajazz Festival, Rialto Jazz & World Music Showcase in Cyprus and others. This year, the band presents its new work and is currently in the process of recording its second album. The band has collaborated with prominent personalities of the European Jazz and World music scene, such as with Nils Fischer (German percussionist and head of the World Music Department of Codarts, Rotterdam Conservatory) and Alberto Caisedo (Colombian singer/producer) in festival concerts, as well as in the making of Macumba’s first album in 2019 titled Como Jugando. Personal development, artistic creation and passion for exploring the musical culture of other countries are some of their common objectives and characteristics. 

Day 2 - 27/11/2021 - 19:30


Trio Rondine 

trio rondine1 - Andreas Papapetrou.jpg

Trio Rondine is a new band that was formed only this year. Amidst the pandemic and its severe limitations for artistic expression, three established musicians joined forces to paint the musical landscapes of the Mediterranean region. Like swallow birds, Trio Rondine explores the corners of the world, starting from Greece and flying off to the distant shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Each stop is a song from a different tradition these migratory birds visit and, as their long journey continues, tradition meets contemporary songwriting and music for film, leading them back to their homeland with a selection of songs that they whisper to their little ones. Trio Rondine's repertoire includes traditional and modern songs from Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Corsica, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Croatia, France, Spain, Morocco, Libya and Egypt, along with well-known soundtracks from classic films. Their voices are accompanied by a mandolin, a guitar and an accordion. 


Pavlina Konstantopoulou: Guitar / Voice 

Andreas Papapetrou: Accordion / Piano / Voice 

Maria Zannetou: Mandolin 

Odysseas Toumazou Trio 

ODY # - Odysseas Toumazou - Odysseas Toumazou.png

Odysseas Toumazou Trio will present music from their album titled ENSTICTO. “Ensticto” is the Greek word for instinct, an innate ability to respond to the given moment. It is an inner voice that serves as a guide to what comes naturally and what belongs to each of us individually. To be instinctive musically is to truly listen to what is going on around you and to be able to adapt to each situation respectively. Although these compositions are written, they are never played the same twice, which is itself the essence of acting upon instinct. To be able to express oneself musically according to what one feels in that particular moment. These compositions represent the process of finding what belongs to me personally, of following my instinct. 


Odysseas Toumazou Trio is a project created by Cyprus-based guitarist and composer, Odysseas Toumazou. He recently completed the recording of his first studio album titled Ensticto. His work has been described as “truly authentic and strong, with a personal sound within the guitar-trio-genre.” His influences are wide, and include jazz, classical and traditional music creating a unique sound that caters to a variety of audiences. Improvisation is a key element in Odysseas' music, allowing for an immersive experience between the audience and the band during the performances, that can be described as accessible and experimental at the same time.  


Odysseas Toumazou: Guitar 

George Koulas: Drums 

Andreas Rodosthenous: Electric Bass 

Alexis Kasinos Quartet Featuring Marios Charalambous 

Alexis Kasinos Quartet.jpeg

The quartet will present new original compositions that were written after the release of the band's first album. This new material is going to be recorded for a next album. Marios Charalambous will appear as a guest musician with Alexis Kasinos Quartet.  


Alexis Kasinos Quartet consists of young musicians whose common target is creativity and the expression of their personal musical identity through the compositions of the band. The pieces are written by the band leader Alexis Kasinos, and primarily draw inspiration from the modern jazz genre. The first album of the band titled Right Place, Right Time was released in 2019 and, since then, the Quartet has performed in festivals and venues all over Cyprus.  


Alexis Kasinos: Guitar 

Andreas Panteli: Piano 

Cahit Kutrafali: Electric Bass 

Stelios Xydias: Drums  

Guest musician - Marios Charalambous: Tenor Saxophon 

Eleonora Roussou – Hará​​

Eleonora Roussou.jpeg

The music of “Hará” is inspired by world music: latin, jazz, pop, classical, Eastern Mediterranean, flamenco, soul. It conveys various emotional experiences that are the product of human relationships. 


Hará (joy) is here to remind us of the carelessness and simplicity in which music manages to transfer us from one feeling to another. The band members are musicians with diverse backgrounds and influences, although their studies in jazz music in the Netherlands constitute their common ground, as well as their love for fusion. The compositions of Eleonora Roussou are the immediate product of her experiences. They primarily explore the shape and unpredictability of emotions, drawing influences from a large palette of music genres, and focusing on the element of improvisation. 


Eleonora Roussou: Flute / Vox / Piano 

Elias Ioannou: Trumpet 

Giannis Koutis: Oud / Mandolin / Guitar 

Christos Yerolatsitis: Piano / Melodica 

Odysseas Toumazou: Guitar 

Andreas Rodosthenous: Bass 

Stelios Xydias: Drums 

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