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Ultima Banda 

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Ultima Banda is a sextet based in Cyprus with its members being active musicians in the local and international jazz scene. The band members share similar tastes and influences, giving to the music a sense of coherence and unity, with each member leaving his own personal touch and stigma. Marios Spyrou and Cahit Kutrafali form the rhythmic base of the group, enabling the melodies of Charis and Elias Ioannou to unfold. Marios Toumpas and Orestis Miaris step in to bind the two worlds, rhythm and melody, with their harmonies, thus completing the ensemble.


The music is based on the characteristics of hard bop, funk and blues. Inspired by the sounds of Lou Donaldson, Grant Green and Lee Morgan, the group aspires to combine the power, complex harmony and virtuosity of hard bop music, with the dancing nature and gospel character of funk. The project focuses on exploring the dynamics created by the merging of the elements that characterize these two genres.  


Orestis Miaris: Guitar  

Charis Ioannou: Tenor Saxophone 

Elias Ioannou: Trumpet  

Marios Toumbas: Keyboard / Piano  

Greg Makamian: Double Bass

Marios Spyrou: Drums  

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