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Yerolatsitis Organic Trio

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Yerolatsitis Organic Trio will present original compositions from their upcoming debut album, written by the brothers Antreas and Christos Yerolatsitis and arranged by all three members of the band. Through their songs, they explore and seek for an original sound, while respecting and incorporating the Jazz tradition in the composition, arrangement and performance. The Organ Trio setting is bringing fresh ideas to their music and pushes the trio to experiment with unknown musical landscapes.  


The trio is a newly formed band, created by the brothers Antreas and Christos Yerolatsitis in 2020. The three musicians met for a jam in an organ trio setting in early 2020, and since then, they are busy creating a repertoire with their original music written specifically for the band’s unique sound. They also work on selected songs from the traditional jazz repertoire, arranged with modern ideas. The band’s sound is a blend of complex improvisations, accompanied by strong, nostalgic themes that are exciting, full and pleasing to the listener’s ear. 


Antreas Yerolatsitis: Guitar  

Christos Yerolatsitis: Organ  

Omiros Miltiadous: Drums  

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