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Day 1 - 08/12/2023 - 19:30

Odysseas Toumazou “Origins”

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Odysseas Toumazou: Compositions, Guitar

Marios Menelaou: Double Bass 

Vassilis Philippou: Percussion, Vocals

Guitarist and composer Odysseas Toumazou will present his second personal album titled ORIGINS. The new project consists of original compositions with a strong element of improvisation, in which the influences from the traditional music of Cyprus acquire jazz overtones and become transformed, through the composer's temperament, into authentic and powerful music with a personal touch. Through his music, Odysseas Toumazou highlights that identity is rooted in origins. To know who you are, you must know where you come from. To evolve, is to embrace and commemorate the passage of time and create new memories, mixing the knowledge of the old with the potential of the new.

In 2022, Odysseas Toumazou led a musical project, creating a compilation of his personal work from the past 10 years. These compositions, crafted with care over the years, reflect a deep fusion of influences, drawing from the richness of the cultural sounds of Cyprus and its surrounding regions. This album, a tribute to our roots, serves as a distinct synthesis of tradition and personal evolution. The melodies showcase the resonant impact of Toumazou’s childhood, immersed in traditional sounds that shaped his musical identity. Simultaneously, they bear the imprint of the diverse musical landscapes he traversed in the quest to discover his personal voice. What distinguishes this work is the sincere contribution, unwavering effort, and collaborative spirit of beloved friends and collaborators. Their dedication breathed life into this album, making it a testament to the power of collective creativity.

S.G.C (Soulful Groove Collective)

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Effortlessly fusing the raw emotional power of blues, the infectious rhythms of funk, and the heartfelt storytelling of soul, the band will play original compositions and arrangements of known music. Their music is characterised by tight grooves, soulful melodies and electrifying solos that will make the audience want to dance, sing along, and lose themselves in the music.


The Soulful Groove Collective is a dynamic and electrifying musical ensemble that blends the timeless genres of soul, blues and funk into a unique sonic experience that captivates audiences of all ages. With a line-up of incredibly talented musicians, the band brings together a rich tapestry of musical influences and styles to create an unforgettable sound that resonates deep within the soul.


Marguerita Freeks: Vocals 

Giorgos Morfitis: Piano, Keyboards 

Andreas Rodosthenous: Bass 

Andreas Stefanou: Drums

Odysseas Toumazou: Guitar

Krama Brass Band

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Original compositions inspired by the traditional music of Cyprus and the Mediterranean region, and presented using arranging, harmony and improvisation techniques of the western music. Krama members use their knowledge and skills in jazz and classical music to suggest another perspective of the contemporary Cypriot music, with an emphasis on local hearings.


Krama Brass Band was established in 2023 by two Cypriot musicians, Andreas Theocharous and Nicholas Georgiou, and consists of six wind instruments, guitar and drums. Krama is inspired by the concept of combination of elements and cultures: the alloy as a material of the brass instruments, and the blend of Mediterranean and western music. Krama’s intention is the composition and performance of original music that combines traditional music of the Mediterranean region with western music, with an emphasis on retaining the stylistic features of traditional music. Another important element is the blending of the musicians’ Mediterranean origins with their education in western music. Krama’s pursuit is the creation and development of a new form of local music.

Nicholas Georgiou: Alto Saxophone 

Marios Charalampous: Tenor Saxophone 

Giorgos El Haber: Trumpet 

Rafael Orfanidis: Trumpet 

Anastasia Kikel: Bass Trombone 

Alexandros Adam: Guitar 

Andreas Theocharous: Tuba 

Nikolas Tsangaris: Drums

Erika Soteri

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Showcasing songs from their upcoming EP, as well as some of their previous work, the band will be taking the audience through a journey of instrumental and lyrical storytelling, both physical and emotional. Drawing from sounds all around the world and a number of musical genres, the band aims to deliver a performance that brings together all of their influences, ultimately uniting people in a way that is particular and authentic to them.


The Erika Soteri band was formed in 2020 when fate and a string of circumstances brought together four like-minded musicians, each deriving from a different multicultural background, merging the sounds of jazz, soul, funk, latin and R&B. They recorded their first song together, The American Dream, just one month after forming their quartet. The band is now made up of 6 musicians and they have gone on to record and release several records including Caramel Cream, and have played headlining shows, festivals and private events all over the island.

Erika Soteri: Vocals

Max Daniels: Bass

Kris Grecian: Drums

Andreas Epaminonda: Guitar

Nikolas Genethliou: Keys

Elina El-Malouli: Backing Vocals

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