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a.R project

4.a.R project-1-3 - Andreas Rodosthenous

The a.R project was formed for the recording of the new album of bassist Andreas Rodosthenous, which was recorded last May but not yet released. As a new project, it has been presented at the EUNIC Jazz Festival in Berlin with music from all three musicians.  


Five years after the first recorded work titled Simplicity, Andreas Rodosthenous comes back, evolving and suggesting a new work titled Complexity. This project aspires to communicate today’s troubled and complex way of life, leading to estrangement. The music is instrumental, which on the one hand makes communication without spoken word more difficult, yet on the other, it creates an even greater challenge for the musicians and the audience alike, in finding a common language that can be supported with thoughts, expression and sound than just with notes.


This production is brand new since the compositions, created in the past five years by Andreas Rodosthenous, have not yet been released. It was recorded last May immediately after the end of the lockdown, but due to the Covid19 restrictions, the music has not yet been presented to the public in Cyprus. The a.R project consists of Christos Yerolatsitis on the piano, Stelios Xydias on the drums and Andreas Rodosthenous on the electric fretted and fretless bass. Their ten-year common path, their influences from the modern jazz music scene as well as the world music scene have brought them together, enabling them to acquire their own sound, both individually and as a trio. 


Andreas Rodosthenous: Electric Bass 

Christos Υerolatsitis: Piano / Keyboard / Fx 

Stelios Xydias: Drums 

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