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Chunky Funky Band 

8.Chunky Funky Full - George

Chunky Funky Band was created in August 2020 by Giorgos Morfitis. All compositions have been originally arranged and composed by him in the style of funk, based on funky music of the 70’s and 80’s with a very light touch of jazz vocabulary and a more noticeable modern soul sound. The performance, songs, music sections and instrumentation are all specifically tailored to simulate live sampling and looping, much like what a DJ does. Through hand gestures, the conductor signals the parts of his choice to the performers, thus rearranging the music live on stage, making each song sound different in length, dynamics and structure with every performance.  


The band aims at involving the audience in the performances, not only as spectators, but also in the creative process of the music during a live performance. A song called The Game is basically a chance for some of the members of the audience to become involved, get close and personal with the band on stage and control the music.  


Giorgos Morfitis: Conductor / Keys / Percussion 

Elias Ioannou: Trumpet  

Charis Ioannou: Tenor / Baritone Saxophone 

Christos Zenios: Tenor / Baritone Saxophone 

Christos Yerolatsitis: Keys 

Ermis Michael: Guitar 

Rodrigo Caceres: Electric Bass 

Stelios Xydias: Drums 

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