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Jazzologia Cyprus Big Band

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Jazzologia Cyprus Big Band will present authentic pieces influenced by traditional Cypriot musical themes and songs orchestrated by internationally renowned Cypriot composer and orchestrator Aris Antoniadis, especially written for the Jazzologia Cyprus Big Band. 


The orchestra was created in October 2016 by renowned saxophonist George Krasidis. The whole project is a collective, voluntary effort of sixteen great musicians having as a common characteristic their love for jazz music and, more specifically, for jazz big band. The Jazzologia Cyprus Big Band has been known for participating in a number of festivals and performances in Cyprus, such as the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017, Jazz Encounters, the Old Port Jazz Festival 2017, the Jazzologia at Pattichio Theatre 2018, Faneromeni 2019, the Summer Concerts in Cyprus, Technopolis 20, Kypria Festival 2020.


Giorgos Krasidis: Tenor Saxophone / Band Director  

AchilleasTomasidis: Alto Saxophone 

Simos Tziakouris: Alto Saxophone 

Marios Papares: Tenor Saxophone 

Aris Kyriakides: Baritone Saxophone 

Elias Ioannou: Trumpet  

Michalis Michael: Trumpet  

Fedonas Dimitriou: Trumpet 

Christos Loizides: Trumpet  

Burkhard Fischer: Trombone  

Kleanthis Demetriou: Trombone  

Byron Athinodorou: Trombone  

George Issa: Guitar  

Nikolas Genethliou: Piano 

Ioannis Karseras: Bass  

Andreas Combos: Drum 

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